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For every shirt you purchase, we give one away to those in need.

Innauguration Collection

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Our Perspective

Beyond Fashion

The world is undergoing the unparalleled Coronavirus in the year 2020, causing uncertainty, interfering with social encounters, disrupting our mental stability and day-to-day routines. Particularly, the United States is experiencing civil tension from racial injustice and political confrontation from the election process. 
These distressing and challenging times indicate an immediate plan of action to unify societies around the goal of solidarity. By practicing togetherness peacefully, we can gradually surpass these unprecedented times and redirect our vision to an optimistic future. IIntrinsic aims to spread an encouraging and unified perspective through the beautiful art of fashion. We actively emphasize wholeness, regardless of skin color, gender, sex, political views, or any individualistic standpoints. The universal ambition to come together is imminent now more than ever.

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